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VFS 1.4 ( Patched )
« on: October 15, 2020, 10:56:47 pm »
VFS 1.4

1- Alerts for Invalid Commands
2-Replaced Ferrari F50 with AAudi Concept
3-Added Lag Warns for both FPS & Pings
4- Added Proper Donator System with perks
5- Updated and Added Improved Reaction Test.
6- Added NOS Nitro Boost. Purchasable at sunshine autos.
7- Added ID alias in all commands.
8- Added preventions in Main chat.
9- Added Anti-Repetition in Main chat.
10- Added playtime and Last Active.
11- Improved Bank Doors and Interior. Closed Area behind Bank.
12- Added 5 TDM Arenas.
13- Added Pine Cafeteria At Little Haiti
14- Added VFS lobby infront of Bank.
15- Decorated Little Haiti and Havana Greenary with Pine Trees.
16- Improved Smuggling Spot & Added More Houses on Water.
17- Removed Useless Houses from Kashmir Valley.
18- Fixed Glitched Gap at Kashmir Mountain.
19- Added Tables and Chairs at Phil's Place.
20- Removed Useless Objects from Smuggling Spot.
21- Added /Guide command.
22- Cleared All Warnings from Database.
23- Fixed Bankroof and Print Works.
24- Server Shifted to Amazon Indian Host.
25- Fixed some minor memory leaks after revising commands.
26- Fixed ability to use rainbowcar for any vehicle, ability to !kill when inside vehicle, ability to use anims inside vehicles.
27- Added some minor collision fixes ( credits : Hanney )
28- Opened Cherry Poppers Door.
29- Fixed Pay and Spray Glitched Doors.
30- Fixed Raxor Roofs.
31- Fixed Bugged Twin Tower Collision.
32- Added 2 Wall Bridges near Dacum Inn to access Golf Club.
33- Added roof to Yellow Building Near NPM
34- Fixed Collision Bug of Mall Wall Interior.
35- Fixes Door Collision of VCPD
36- Fixed Prawn Mansion Collision and Added Objects.
37- Fixed Prawn Walls Collision
38- Fixed Prawn Bridge Collision.
39- Fixed Prawn Studio Roof Collision.
40- Fixed Govt Office Glitch.
41- Fixed Govt Office Pillar Collision.
42- Added stairs to access Bank Balcony
43- Added Windows to Bank Interior.
44- Fixed The bug being able to use same skin you are using in /spawnskin and /useskin
45- Fixed /ncarowner and /npowner working on your own self
46- Replaced R2XGOVT Parameters with Vice City Government
47- Governmentized Many Public Properties
48- Fixed The One Sided Texture Of Building ints
49- Added Prefixes in Amounts ( Credits : Spiller )
50- Removed Card Pickups
51- Added Halloween Objects.
52- Added Autocopkick for killing Unwanted Players for COPS
53- Fixed alias in /car command
54- Added Ability to Disable FPS and Ping GUI.
55- Added Separate UID , IP, Nick and UID2 ban within current ban system.
56- Removed A Lobby Map due to outdated and bad collision.
57- Implemented Proper and Smooth Cooldown System for Commands, Keybinds and other functions.
58- Removed Bugged / Useless Property Pickups.
59- Added GUI to rules. ( credits : Anish. )
60- Added Interest System.
61- Added Fix (G) , Flip (H) and Eject(E) Hotkeys for players.
62- Implemented only text speedometer.
63- FPGUI enable disable added and implemented successfully.
64- Spawn Selection camera changed.
65- Added Info Pickups.
66- Added Ability to Disable Car Speedometer
67- Added Precautions in Heal Fix Gotoloc Goto Kill and Join Cmds. Fixed the abusable bug.
68- Added MedKit + Pickups , usable in inventory.
69- Added Timer For Eject Key.
70- Fixed Nissan Tyres.
71- Added Seby's Cutscene Skins ( donator & unlockables )
72- Added Warn System with Exact Data Logs. Offwarn and Offunwarn Included. ( /mywarns )
73- Added Usable Skins.
74- Upgraded Discord Plugin.
75- Added Random Spawn for all Skins.

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